A comparison between the deep web, the dark web and the surface internet and the difference between them – review plus

You may have heard about the concepts of the deep web, the dark web, and the surface internet, but you don’t really know what they are, but unfortunately they sound ominous and have a bad past. You might suspect that it is something intended for hackers and all those with bad intentions. There is a … Read more

What is auto sync on Android, how to disable it and why should you do it?

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Important tips to protect your Android phone battery from wear and tear

All of our smartphones rely on lithium-ion batteries. Inside, this type of battery contains ionic cells and chemical compounds that degrade and corrode over time and with frequent use. As it ages, its efficiency and charging capacity decreases. Although all Android phones come with an instruction manual that explains how to use the battery and … Read more

How to connect phone to PC wirelessly to transfer files, view notifications, and more

Explain how to connect a smartphone to a PC wirelessly (without connections) to transfer files, display notifications, and more. Why does everyone care about using cables when we don’t have to? It’s 2021. There’s no reason why we can’t wirelessly connect your mobile to all our devices without using any external connections, whether you’re looking … Read more

Change the font and taskbar color and activate the dark mode on Windows 10 – Review Plus

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