A comparison between the deep web, the dark web and the surface internet and the difference between them – review plus

You may have heard about the concepts of the deep web, the dark web, and the surface internet, but you don’t really know what they are, but unfortunately they sound ominous and have a bad past. You might suspect that it is something intended for hackers and all those with bad intentions. There is a lot of gossip, a lot of stories, and it seems that no one has a clear view or a definite concept regarding the dark web.

Comparison of the deep web, the dark web and the surface web
Comparison between the deep web, the dark web and the surface internet

So what is the concept of the dark web or the dark web as it is called? And what can you do on that other side of the Internet and how to access it and how dangerous it is to the user. In this article, we are going to push the boundaries and tell you the truth about the dark web and many other interesting facts.

What is the deep web?

At first, the difference between the deep web and the dark web, the two may share some characteristics but are very different in the end.

The deep web indicates all pages that have not been indexed, which means that most search engines will not return them to you after searching. You will not see any trace of them or any appearance in the search site results, which makes them virtually invisible and therefore ignored by all search engines.

This means that in order to access one of these pages, you must either find out its exact address (the link) or click on another link once you enter the deep web.

Also, the deep web can contain important links from the legitimate internet that everyone uses (such as pages from Netflix or Amazon), simply because they are intended for users and not all URLs are supposed to be indexed.

What is the dark web exactly?

The dark web is known in Arabic as the dark web, and unfortunately it is the deepest internet.

Technically it’s also part of the Deep Web (which makes it inaccessible unless you know exactly where you’re going), but it focuses on illegal activities and services. Unfortunately, it can be very horrific. Some people call it the place where the darkest and worst aspects of human beings appear.

So what exactly is on the dark web?

On the dark web or the dark web, you can expect to find all of the following dangers:-

  • A marketplace for different drugs, from mild, legal, prescription-strength sedatives to illicit drugs like narcotics.
  • A market for various firearms and ammunition, which are not registered in the official government agencies.
  • Prohibited programs required to access the deep web (such as the Onion browser) and (lists of other deep web sites / dark web sites and their links, so that you can access them)
  • Few of the rare books available to read which is one of the benefits for science enthusiasts.
  • Lots of 3D engineering plans for institutions, buildings and government agencies, which can be used for absolutely illegal purposes.
  • Some construction plans for important buildings that are used in illegal access to those buildings, such as building secret tunnels, for example.
  • The so-called hidden wiki portal, which claims to be the “original Wikipedia” and contains nude photos of various celebrities.
  • Websites with videos depicting abuse of children, animals, prisoners of war, etc.
  • Child pornography.
  • Racist content that promotes violence against different minorities.
  • Written recipes and videos on how to cook human meat.
  • A marketplace to hire hit men to do the dirty things that are legally prohibited.
  • Rumors of the so-called “red rooms,” which include live videos of torture and murder.

As you can notice if you read the list, all of these bad things certainly can be bought on the dark web but most of them are completely fake and not real, but their owners delude users that they can be bought which eventually leads to taking your bitcoins or money in your bank account or any Another way you choose to pay.

Of course, if someone was really looking to buy access to such things, they wouldn’t gain much sympathy if they were cheated where they totally deserved it. However, the fact that the advertised services are gimmicks in many cases does not make the dark web any less dangerous or disgusting.

The main market that sells these things, the authorities managed to remove it and arrest its owner, then one of his assistants re-designed the market, which was also recently arrested. It remains to be seen how long that major black market can be fought off, but there are other secondary hubs on the dark web unfortunately for buying and selling illegal stuff.

What is the difference between the deep web and the dark web?

Here is a simple comparison that shows you the difference between the deep web and the dark web. Often the two terms are used interchangeably as if they are somewhat the same thing.

This is not very accurate, as the deep web only refers to pages that are not indexed, while the dark web refers to pages that are not indexed and contain illegal things.

The bottom line is: the deep web may consist of pages that are not indexed simply because search engines fail to see them or because they are not considered important enough to index them.

In contrast, the dark web wants to be hidden on purpose, because it is the center of all shady business.

Therefore, not every website that belongs to the deep web is part of the dark web, but every website in the dark web belongs to the deep web.

The Surface Web / The Surface Web and the Shadow of the Web

The Surface Web has been part of the World Wide Web since the first browser was first invented in 1990 by Tim Berner-Lee and another concept you should be aware of from now on is the Surface Web: it refers to all accessible websites Usually from search engines, or so-called standard sites on the Internet.

Finally, another concept you should know as well is the web shadow. This is allegedly a layer of the Internet deeper than the dark web, the known center of criminal activity.

Rumor has it that this shadow network is a dark place and is the epicenter of the most dangerous criminal activity.

However, according to investigations by the best researchers in the field of cybersecurity, this Internet’s shadow network is just a rumor.

So, since the concept of the web shadow has been discussed on many social media platforms in the recent period and some have made statements that seem like conspiracy theories where it expresses ignorant thinking and thinking that lacks logical foundations, this does not mean that it cannot be real at some point. What’s in the future. However, even if the shadow of the web is or will become a real one, accessing it will not be easy at all.

Also, if that side of the internet is indeed a hub for more horrendous illicit activity than the dark web, I don’t know why any user would want to use that side of the internet, unless you’re part of a special hacker team aiming to eliminate them.

Do you reach thedeep web or the dark illegal web?

In short, no, it is not illegal to go browsing on a page that is not indexed. Or to use browsers specialized in browsing the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

In fact, when entering the deep web, you might be surprised to see your old blog of 10 years ago that search engines failed to index because it is too old and devoid of content. This seems to be harmless content, right?

What is illegal is not to access those unloved aspects of the Internet, but rather to delve into those illegal services that are sold on these networks.

Or trying to hack things without permission. This can get someone in real trouble, not just browsing.

However, you should note that accessing the dark web without taking the necessary precautions can be dangerous for the average person. It can expose you to various risks, which I will explain in detail below.

What are the main risks offor your dark web?

We assure you that the dark web is dangerous, especially if you are someone who is not very tech savvy and is just looking to satisfy your curiosity.

We don’t advise you to go into that bad side of the Internet, or at least not without being prepared and taking the necessary precautions.

One of the most traded commodities on the dark web markets is your data. There are tons and tons of gigabytes of leaked government data and personal information for sale to people with bad intentions.

This is where hackers get their data in order to charge hacking attacks, identity theft, and other shady acts.

How to stay safe fromDark Web

The most important step is not to try to access in any way to the dark web.

Second, make sure your data is well protected. Be careful about what data permissions you give (don’t carelessly click ‘yes’ on every popup just in order to access any site). Don’t use funny passwords that are easy to crack.

Sooner or later, some of your data will move to the data set available for sale on the dark web. What you can do to protect yourself is to make sure that accurate data about yourself is not published, that it is not detailed enough to cause harm, and that you have multi-factor authentication enabled everywhere that you can use in order to protect yourself.

It is also important to have strong antivirus software in order to protect you from any potential dangers.

If you really need to go to the dark web to check out that exciting side of the internet and satisfy your curiosity, take the necessary precautions.

Use an encrypted privacy browser (like Tor), don’t share any real information about yourself there, don’t buy anything and don’t talk to anyone. And lastly don’t install any software you come across while you are there.

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