How to connect phone to PC wirelessly to transfer files, view notifications, and more

Explain how to connect a smartphone to a PC wirelessly (without connections) to transfer files, display notifications, and more. Why does everyone care about using cables when we don’t have to?

It’s 2021. There’s no reason why we can’t wirelessly connect your mobile to all our devices without using any external connections, whether you’re looking to transfer files, stream media, or even configure one device with another.

Connect the mobile to the computer without wires
Connect the mobile to the computer without wires

Why is it so hard for Android and Windows devices to get along?

In a perfect world, there would be an option in your Android phone that would allow you to establish a direct wireless connection to a laptop or desktop computer.

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You can then control your phone remotely, which could give everyone the option to use a desktop application, move the mouse and type commands on a remote computer, and transfer files between the computer and the phone without having to use any cables at all.

We don’t have this specific feature right now, but we can access it with a little help.

How to connect the phone to the computer without a wire (wireless)

One option for connecting your Android device to your PC is to use the built-in Windows settings to link one to the other.

In the latest version of Windows 10, just open the search bar, type Your Phone, and click Add phone to get started.

You will be asked to install an app Your Phone on your phone. Then download and open the app, sign in with your Microsoft account or use the handy QR code on your Windows PC to link the two devices and accept all permissions.

Once the two devices are linked, you’ll be able to access your phone’s notifications, messages, and photos right from your PC. You will also be able to make and receive calls through your phone on your PC.

You should also be able to use the Nearby Sharing features of your phone and PC to exchange files between the two via Bluetooth. Setting it up is as easy as opening the settings menu on each device, searching for and enabling Nearby Share. You can then use your phone or computer’s built-in sharing features by opening Bluetooth and sending and receiving data normally.

Honestly, though, I find Nearby Sharing confusing at times. Other applications such as Wifi File Transfer or SuperBeam It makes it easy to send and receive files between your Android phone and your computer.

There are also websites like Snapdrop, which doesn’t require additional file transfer apps or tried and true apps like AirDroid and Portal.

Connect Samsung mobiles to PC wirelessly without connections

If you are using a phone Samsung We recommend the company’s Dex app, which basically gives you a pop-up from your phone right onto your computer’s desktop. This requires connecting your phone to your computer with a cable which doesn’t go with the article title, but ultimately it’s a great way to unlock your Android phone on your computer.

Prepare Dell Mobile Connect Another option worth trying. Unfortunately, you will need a Dell computer to use this feature.

You can do this by copying the app link from the Windows Store and downloading it to your phone, then signing in to your Microsoft account, and choosing to install the app on your Windows 10 PC. Trying to do this from your Windows 10 PC won’t work If you don’t have a Dell device.

If you are lucky and apply those previous steps in the right way, everything will connect just fine, and you will be able to access your messages, phone app, files, and phone screen sharing right on your Windows 10 PC. However, if you are facing any Problems, you have some other alternatives to display your Android phone on your PC, such as the app AirMirror classic or scrcpy.

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