Xiaomi begins work on developing 150W fast charging technology

Xiaomi has started working on developing fast charging technology with a capacity of up to 150W, which supports fully charging the battery in less than 17 minutes.

Xiaomi is preparing to offer the market a new upgrade in fast charging technology, which comes after the current 120W fast charging technology.

The new details about the fast charging technology coming from Xiaomi came via the Digital Chat Station on the Weibo platform, where the leaks confirmed the development of Xiaomi to higher standards in fast charging technology.

And Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming supports 120W fast charging technology, while Redmi K50 Pro comes with 100W fast charging technology, thanks to the dual 6c battery cells.

The 120W fast charging technology is scheduled to provide the ability to charge the phone in just 17 minutes, so it is expected that the 150W standards that are being developed by Xiaomi at the moment will provide faster battery charging performance.

The Digital Chat Station report also indicated that Xiaomi has already started producing the new upgrade to the current 120W fast charging technology, and expectations indicate that the 150W fast charging capacity supports the company’s upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone, or the next version of the Xiaomi MIX series.


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