Leaks clarify some details about the upcoming Dimensity 8100 chip

The latest leaks revealed some of the specifications of the upcoming version of the Dimensity 8100 processor chip before the official announcement..

MediaTek is preparing to launch the Dimensity 8100 processor chip that brings some improvements to the Dimensity 8000 chip, which will be officially revealed on March 1.

The new details about the processor came via Digital Chat Station, where the leaks indicated that the Dimensity 8100 processor comes to boost the frequencies that came in the Dimensity 8000 chip, which features slower than expected performance, and uses the previous version of ARMv8.

Expectations indicate that the Dimensity 8100 chip may not come with design changes from the current 8000 chip, but MediaTek will enhance the frequencies in the new version to provide better performance.

On the other hand, the DCS report indicates that some companies have already moved to replace the supply orders from the current Dimensity 8000 chip to the new Dimensity 8100 version.

It is also expected that the first phones with a Dimensity 8100 chip will be launched during the month of March next year, and the upcoming chip is also expected to provide more efficient performance in AnTuTu.


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