Sudden failure in Google services and applications today

Today, many users monitored a sudden disruption in Google services and applications, which included the Google Maps application, the Google search engine, Gmail, Chrome and other services in the United States. has confirmed that many users have reported reports that various Google services are down, starting today.

Several reports have indicated that 37% of complaints are due to the disruption of Google search services, while 54% of users indicated that the company’s official website is down.

Some users also confirmed that the Google Maps application, as well as the search engine, crashed, while others encountered a problem with the Chrome browser and the Gmail application.

The problem affected users in the US market in particular, where the problem was detected in the states of New York, Washington DC, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco.

Google also confirmed that the company’s work team has already begun to fix the problem, as well as an investigation to find out the main cause of this problem.


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