Google acquires startup Raxium to create new augmented reality glasses

New information claims that Google has acquired a startup company to help it develop new augmented reality glasses.

According to The Information, Google recently acquired Raxium to help it develop future AR glasses. The main reason behind this process may be that Google did not succeed when trying to come up with a new concept and new ideas for developing augmented reality glasses. Therefore, it makes sense for the company to acquire startups to add new talent and technology to its pipeline.

There is no definitive information about the final cost of the process, but previous information claims that the process of acquiring Raxium by Google was in the order of one billion dollars.

The startup mainly focuses on developing microLED displays for AR and VR glasses, and appears to claim to have achieved pixels as small as 3.5 microns, which is less than a regular OLED pixel.


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