Samsung unveils a new vision in designing TVs that bring a personalized user experience

Samsung’s event kicked off today to launch a new generation of TV screens that were developed to provide a customized experience that matches many users, and the Korean giant demonstrated during the event its new vision in the design of TVs.

The Korean giant confirmed that it is redefining the development of TVs through a new vision through which Samsung aims to support the user with a customized experience in the design of devices, through the features offered in the new versions of TVs for the year 2022.

Samsung’s “Unbox & Discover” event kicked off with a lot of announcements about a new generation of Samsung TVs for 2022 that includes the Neo QLED 8K, with soundbars, and new accessories aimed at supporting the idea of ​​sustainability.

Samsung also confirmed that it is redefining the traditional tasks of TVs, by developing more advanced screens that go beyond the idea of ​​entertainment only, to expand to support the user in games, communication feature, and other features.

Neo QLED 8K TVs have been developed for the year 2022, to meet the needs of the user with the launch and expansion of new experiences to make TVs the focus of user support in many tasks in the home.

The new generation of TVs stems from Samsung’s vision of developing “screens for every place and every task” to be the main pillar of the user throughout the day.

To implement Samsung’s new vision, Samsung has developed new devices with fast and seamless connectivity, to support the user by customizing their experience in the devices to match the tasks required of the user’s lifestyle or lifestyle.

Also, the new devices from Neo QLED 8K go beyond the traditional idea of ​​TVs developed to support the user by watching content only, as the new versions expand to support the user in more tasks.

New upgrade in Neo QLED 8K devices for 2022

This year, Neo QLED 8K devices move to a new level of performance and design to enhance the user experience, with the new Neural Quantum 8K processor, which includes 20 independent networks of artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence technology analyzes the content and image quality to support the user with an ideal display regardless of the source of the content, and the “Real Depth Enhancer” technology raises the level of display of the content.

The Real Depth Enhancer technology improves contrast in the background without affecting the objects in the content, in order to achieve an image that is closer to what the user’s eye sees in real life.

Samsung QLED devices for the year 2022 have obtained ‘Pantone Validated’ standards, the first versions of TVs to receive these standards from “Pantone”. These standards confirm that screens reproduce more than 2,000 colors and also more than 110 colors. color shades.

The colors are also better supported by the user’s eye comfort with the “EyeComfort” pattern, a feature that is also based on artificial intelligence technology to adjust the brightness and color tones on the screen, according to the ambient lighting of the TV screen.

Stunning Dolby Atmos audio performance

The user experience is integrated in the new generation of Samsung devices through the audio performance in these versions, which supports you to engage in an immersive experience, through the Neural Quantum 8K processor that also analyzes the scenes on the screen in real time, in order to support the user with an adaptive voice that is transmitted between the speakers efficiently to match the screen content.

In the highest version of the Neo QLED 8K series or the QN900B, Samsung offers 90W audio from 6.2.4 channels in the audio system that features upper channels for the subwoofer, Dolby Atmos technology, with professional object tracking technology, so the sound effects and sounds will track movement. on the screen at a higher resolution.

The devices also feature Dolby Atmos wireless technology, which is introduced for the first time in Neo QLED 4K and Neo QLED 8K TVs. This technology is set to support the user with higher audio clarity and purity without the need for an HDMI wired connection.

This technology is scheduled to be available in the 2022 Ultra Slim Soundbar to drive an immersive audio experience.

Explore a new vision on your screen

In the new generation of TVs, Samsung was keen to support the user with a smooth experience to comply with the required smart tasks, which are integrated through a smart interface, which can support the user with a central hub for watching content, controlling devices, playing games, exercising and other tasks.

  • New Smart Hub This year, Samsung introduced a new interface for TVs, which is based on the Tizen operating system, and the new interface is based on supporting the user with a smooth experience to navigate and explore content, with a new tab to categorize features, settings, and content into three sections: Media, Game Center and Ocean.
  • media Media organizes the user’s entertainment choices, which include video content according to the user’s demand, streaming services, or Samsung TV Plus1 with more than 191 free channels. It also provides suggestions and user favorites based on machine learning to determine the preferred content of the user.
  • Gaming Hub Through this system, you can explore games smoothly, with the feature of linking games that are broadcast with programs to support the user with a better gaming experience, without the need to download games or provide storage space for games, and Samsung has announced new partnerships to bring game streaming services NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Stadia and also Utomik for the company’s devices.

  • Screen circumference The new releases aim to match all screen décor through design and performance.
  • gaming experience With the new gaming interface in the Gaming Hub, this year’s versions of Samsung TVs also offer features and specifications that aim to support the user with an unlimited gaming experience, through 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, and 3 Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K for a 144Hz refresh rate in games 4K resolution, with Ultra Wide GameView and Game Bar for a fast and fluid gaming experience.
  • Samsung Health The Samsung Health interface supports the user’s exercise feature, as well as health classes, with the feature of tracking the progress of the user in daily exercise. The feature also supports synchronizing exercise progress with various devices such as the Galaxy Watch4 series or tracking user activity in real time on the screen.
  • smart phones Samsung monitors support the user with the feature of controlling smart devices at home through SmartThings, which will turn Samsung screens into a smart control center to control smart home devices with fast and smooth performance.
  • NFT . platform It is a platform that supports converting Samsung TVs to Ambient mode that works to explore the ocean and display artworks from NFT digital art, which is available for 2022 Neo QLED and QLED devices.

Screens developed to support sustainability with the ‘Going Green’ vision

Samsung is heading to support the vision of sustainability in the development of new versions of the company’s devices, by using materials that have less environmental impact in the manufacturing process, while reducing the impact of these products on the environment in the future.

  • Eco-friendly packaging box Samsung is reducing the inks used in the packaging box by 90%, and removing the paper clip in the production process, and these steps are set to reduce waste, and support the smooth recycling of the packaging box.

  • SolarCell remote control Samsung introduced a new upgrade for the remote control in the 2022 screens, as it comes with 88% better performance than the 2020 version, also does not include batteries, and supports charging via 4GHz radio to obtain power via Wi-Fi through the backup power of the routers.
  • recycled materials The 2022 editions of screens, banners and remote controls feature a design that uses recycled materials.
  • Carbon Trust Standards Neo QLED 8K/4K devices come with the ‘Reducing CO2’ branding, which emphasizes reducing carbon emissions from Samsung devices year after year.

Accessories to customize the user experience

Samsung has created a set of accessories that support the user by choosing a special experience in TVs for the year 2022, including:

  • Slim-Designed Wall Mount Kit The Slim Fit stand allows the monitor to be mounted on the wall with the ability to control the monitor’s height or move it up and down or to the sides smoothly.
  • Studio Stand Supports the user with the feature of holding the screen in a new and elegant way, to artistically display the Neo QLED 8K screen


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