Samsung develops a new type of OLED screen to support Apple devices

The latest reports confirmed that the Korean giant has started developing a new type of OLED screen, which is offered to the technology giant Apple.

Samsung already supplies high-quality screen panels for smart devices to many phone manufacturers, and Apple is one of the companies that relies on Samsung to supply screens for iPhones and iPads.

A new report published today confirmed that Samsung has begun developing a new type of OLED screen that aims to support the next generation of iPads.

The report shows that the new OLED screens from Samsung come with a dual composite design, which supports doubling the brightness of the screen, and also supports enhancing the lifespan of the screen 4 times more, and the screen is now known as “T1”.

The report also confirms that Samsung’s new OLED screens support the iPads that Apple offers in 2024, as it is expected to support iPad Pro devices at first, and then progress in MacBook and iMac devices.


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