MediaTek preparing to push 5G mmWave technology and Wi-Fi 7 next year

Next year MediaTek plans to push the first 5G mmWave chip that also integrates with the new Wi-Fi 7 standards.

MediaTek continues to expand with the company’s new products and technologies, and the company has already introduced a number of various chipsets for smartphones, as well as the Kompanio series of processors for Chromebooks and the Pentonic 2000 chip targeting smart TVs with 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

Once again, the company is preparing to expand with more technologies, as next year it will present the first 5G mmWave chip, which was confirmed by the CEO of the company, “Cai Lixing”.

It is also scheduled, according to Cai Lixing, that the 5G mmWave chip will be associated with Wi-Fi 7 solutions, and that the chip will be launched at the beginning of 2022.

The CEO of MediaTek also indicated that the new 5G mmWave chipsets are expected to contribute to the company’s revenue growth by 10 to 20%, and MediaTek also indicated that the company’s shipments will be more stable next year.


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