Google will soon let you find high-quality apps on tablets and foldable devices

Google is working hard to improve the experience of Android tablets, foldable devices, and all devices with large screens. Recently, the company released Android 12L which greatly improved the experience.

Now, some tweaks are being made that will let you know if the app you intend to download will look good on your tablet.

Google has announced that it will soon add a feature to the App Store that will let you filter out “high-quality” apps that are optimized for the big screen experience. The company says the Play Store will prioritize those apps that follow large-screen app quality guidelines. Moreover, it will also promote those apps that follow the guidelines.

Google said it will take action against those applications that do not meet the basic requirements. For apps that do not meet the basic requirements, the Google Play Store will alert users that the app may not work well on their device. The company will also add device-specific ratings and reviews that will allow users to better understand the app experience on their devices.

The number of Android tablet users is increasing day by day, and it seems that the company wants to improve how Android tablets are perceived with the new feature.


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