Arlo’s new security system comes with a keypad that supports phone activation #ces2022

Arlo has launched a new security system that comes with a keypad that supports phone activation and also comes with sensors all in one.

Security systems often come with sensors to connect to windows and doors to monitor the house, but these devices support one function monitoring, and Arlo has presented during CES 2022 a monitoring system that comes with sensors to support more monitoring tasks.

Arlo’s new security system includes all-in-one sensors, which support 8 monitoring functions, including motion detection that includes opening and closing windows, detecting water leaks, changing light and temperature as well as the sounds of the T3 and T4 alarms.

Each sensor also features a width of 1 inch, and the sensors are connected to a hub unit that includes a backlit keyboard, and supports NFC technology to support phone communication to turn on or close the protection system, and the protection system is compatible with Arlo cameras.

The Arlo Security System is scheduled to be available for sale in the first half of 2022, according to statements made by the company during CES 2022.


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