Targus presents a backpack with a built-in Find My function #CES2022

Targus today announced a new backpack called the Cypress Hero EcoSmart that supports Apple’s Find My function in a compact form factor.

The backpack is equipped with a small tracking unit that enables tracking of the backpack’s location within the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch without the need to use AirTag.

Based on the image shown on the CES website, it appears that the backpack will support the Precision Search feature, which allows users with iPhone 11 and above to see the exact distance and direction of the backpack through audible, visual and tactile feedback.

Targus said the tracker is “very compact” with the backpack, which is much better than AirTags as the AirTag can be taken out of the backpack and thrown away in case it is stolen.

The backpack comes with a replaceable battery for the tracker that can be recharged via USB.

And if the backpack gets lost from its owner and is out of Bluetooth range, there’s still a chance that Find My can help track it. If another iPhone user walks past the backpack for example, their iPhone can detect Bluetooth signals from the backpack and transmit the location to their owner anonymously.

Targus said the backpack has a padded compartment that can hold up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and there are plenty of other compartments and pockets for additional devices and personal items. The backpack is made from some recycled materials.

This bag will be available in Spring or Summer 2022 for $149.99 in the US.


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