Samsung’s new M8 Smart Display supports smart device control

The Korean giant today unveiled its new M8 smart display that supports smart home device control, game streaming, among other features.

Samsung today launched a new version of its smart screens, as the M8 features a 32-inch size, 4K display quality, and provides the functions of smart TVs such as broadcast applications, and also supports connection to computers.

The M8 smart screen has a thickness of 11.4 mm. The screen also supports the magnetic SlimFit camera connection for video calls, and the screen also supports chat applications such as Google Duo.

The screen also comes with “SmartThings IoT Hub” to support remote control of smart home devices via the screen, and the screen also comes with a Workspace feature that allows the user to collect work services such as Microsoft 365 in a dedicated section.

Samsung also supports the screen with the “Game Home” feature that converts the M8 screen to support game streaming services, and also supports the connection of wireless game controllers, and the screen also comes with a USB-C port and supports a 65W charger, and it is scheduled to reveal Samsung later on the screen price and availability in the markets.


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