Leaks about Android 13 reveal minor features and changes

The release of Android 12L is still in the beta phase as it aims to improve the user experience for larger devices, including tablets and foldable devices. Meanwhile, some screenshots of the early version of Android 13 have been revealed by XDA-Developers, which give us a detailed overview of the system.

The update will feature a feature codenamed “Panlingual”, meaning that instead of setting a single language to apply globally to all apps and menus, users will be able to set a global language for the user interface and menus.

This will provide multilingual users with more options under the Languages ​​& Input menu which can also be accessed through the App Information page.

There is also evidence in Android 13 to suggest that notifications could become a feature enabled in the future. This means that apps will no longer be able to spam users with notifications without consent.

By default, any app installed on Android sends notifications as it pleases. Although there are notification settings to prevent this from happening, not all users know this.

However, keep in mind that these are very early versions of Android 13 and the final list of features may change even before developer previews start arriving, which usually happens after the Google I/O conference.


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