Apple officially announces the launch of a self-repair service to support users

The tech giant today announced the launch of a new service known as Apple Self Service Repair, which provides necessary equipment and parts with a user guide to support device repairs.

The new self-repair service offered by Apple today includes both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, where Apple provides original configurations and equipment to support the user to repair faults.

Also, the service is scheduled to expand soon to include Mac devices that include the M1 chip, and the service will start in the US market and then expand to other markets during 2022.

Also, through the service, users are joined by 5,000 authorized service providers, as well as 2,800 independent service providers who have the tools to make repairs and also the complete guide to making repairs.

The first phase of the service will start focusing on fixing common problems such as the screen, battery, and camera, with other configurations to be supported later next year.

It is noteworthy that Apple emphasizes the need for the user to review the repair manual for specific phones, and then the company provides original spare parts and equipment needed to carry out repairs through the Apple Self Service Repair store, which includes more than 200 parts and tools to carry out repairs.


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