Google confirms that Pixel 6 Pro will come with 23W charging

Google has claimed that the batteries for the Pixel 6 series phones are meant to strike a balance between battery life, fast charging, and long life.

The company has now clarified in a publication that the power delivered to the phone during a single charge changes due to several variables, such as the battery cell, system design, temperature, system usage and charging status.

“We optimized the Pixel’s lithium-ion battery to get high charge rates when the battery level is low,” the company said, specifically indicating that phones can reach 50% capacity in 30 minutes when using the official 30W charger. .

Google added that the phones can reach 80% charge within an hour “depending on device usage and temperature”, which generally appears to be in line with tests.

It also confirmed that charging power is “gradually” reduced to improve battery health as it approaches full capacity. It added that phones could also be affected by the Adaptive Charging and Temporarily Limited Charging features.

The post also lists the actual charging speeds of the Pixel 6 set; This is something the company did not include during the promotion.


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