Meta acquires the company that developed the ‘Supernatural’ app

Meta acquires ‘Supernatural’ virtual reality app developer Within, as part of the company’s new vision.

The virtual reality application Supernatural joins Reality Labs at Meta or Facebook previously after the end of the latter’s acquisition of Within, as the acquisition is a new step in the company’s new metaverse vision.

New details about the acquisition came via Jason Rubin, the company’s vice president for Metaverse content, who confirmed that Meta is acquiring Within, the developer of the Supernatural virtual reality application that is available on Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses.

On the other hand, Chris Milk, CEO of Within, confirmed that the team, trainers, and designers will continue unchanged, and that the team will work on developing new experiences for virtual reality training at Meta Reality Labs.

The CEO also emphasized that the acquisition will provide the team with more resources that include music and more features with a greater interactive experience.


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