Xiaomi unveils a new battery technology with a capacity of 10% larger

Xiaomi announced on its Weibo account that the company is developing a new battery technology that comes with a 10% larger battery capacity, with higher efficiency and performance.

The Chinese giant, Xiaomi, has started working on developing a new battery technology with the aim of launching it within the next year.

Xiaomi’s new battery technology is based on increasing the silicon content inside the battery to three times the current content, to obtain a larger battery capacity as well as higher performance and efficiency.

The new technology is also scheduled to support an increase in battery capacity by 10% mAh without changing the battery size, and it also supports an additional operating life for the basic life of up to 100 minutes.

On the other hand, Xiaomi explained that this technology comes with a new packaging that supports improving battery efficiency, and is also characterized by better adjustment of the angles of the protection circuit unit, which is not characterized in the new technology with a flat design and also comes at angles of 90 degrees, which ultimately provides more space.

The new technology is also based on algorithms to improve safety and protection standards in battery cells by monitoring the charging process and monitoring overcharging, with tools to control temperature through new sensors, and the first battery with the new technology is scheduled to be revealed in the second half of 2022.


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