Xiaomi patents an all-screen fingerprint scanner

Chinese giant Xiaomi has registered a patent for a fingerprint reader that can support full-screen fingerprint scanning.

The built-in fingerprint sensor technology at the bottom of the screen has developed rapidly in recent years, and phone manufacturers have targeted support for this technology with faster performance and coverage of a larger area in the phone screen.

And Xiaomi has made new progress in the development of this technology, as leaks revealed a patent for the Chinese giant that supports scanning the fingerprint in the full screen.

This technology can provide optimal support for the user to scan the fingerprint in any part of the phone screen, without being restricted to a specific part.

On the other hand, the report confirms that the new Xiaomi technology includes many challenges and complications to be implemented on the ground.

Xiaomi’s technology is based on a number of infrared LED devices based at the bottom of the screen, where the LED light transmits the reflection of the fingerprint to the sensor, and then the reflected light is read through infrared receivers, with the AMOLED screen based on top of these layers.

And the new Xiaomi technology in sensing the fingerprint in the entire screen is divided into a number of layers, including a layer of the touch screen, a layer of infrared receivers, infrared LED lighting, and an AMOLED screen.


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