The iOS 15.2 update is expected to be released early next week

Apple released the developer beta version of the iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 update, and today a new report confirmed that the update is rolling out to users at the beginning of next week.

The iOS 15.2 beta update is now available to developers and members of the Apple Beta Software beta software, where the update can be installed via OTA.

The new update allows iPhone 13 Pro Max users to turn off the Macro mode in the camera, as this mode automatically converts the camera with ultra-wide angles to Macro mode.

It is expected that the new update will arrive completely to users at the beginning of next week, and this update adds the “Items That Can Track Me” feature that supports the user in discovering non-affiliated devices that track his location such as “AirTags” devices.

There is also the “Email Blocking” feature that aims to block the user’s e-mail by creating random e-mail addresses for use when responding to e-mails, where the random addresses of the other party will appear, but the received messages reach the user’s e-mail directly.

The update also supports users in selecting a trusted contact to allow this party to access your accounts on the Internet, and also read user data, which includes photos, messages, notes, files, events, as well as installed applications.

The Messages application also comes with a new feature for children users, where it launches warning alerts when children receive inappropriate images, and Apple will darken these images sent to children for protection.


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