Steam Deck disassembly reveals the inside of the deck

Valve’s Steam Deck pre-orders will begin arriving to users on February 25. And Valve released a disassembly clip of the device, which stated that the company will provide a large number of spare parts from the replaceable components.

And now, a new update by Valve confirms that iFixit will be authorized to sell parts for Steam Deck.

Furthermore, iFixit has also released a complete disassembly of Steam Deck as well as revealing a radiograph of the device.

Although Valve released a teardown last October, it only showed the inside of the device and under the thumb sticks.

iFixit’s disassembly reveals everything inside. Apparently, the frame is easy to disassemble without removing the adhesive, however, the process of dismantling the battery itself was a bit tricky as it has an L-shaped design.

The Steam Deck is a compact laptop meant to play the PC games offered by Steam, much like the Nintendo Switch.

Steam Deck pre-orders were received back in July, and the first batch of shipments will finally arrive later this month.


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