Sony Concerns About Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision

Microsoft recently announced the acquisition of the gaming company Activision, and today Sony issues statements revealing its concerns about Microsoft’s monopoly on upcoming games to be exclusive to the Xbox platform.

In recently published statements, Sony indicated that Microsoft will continue to support multi-platform after the completion of the 70 billion acquisition of Activision.

Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer has indicated that Activision games will be multi-platform in the coming period.

However, expectations indicate that Microsoft will only offer current games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to multiple platforms without change, while the new titles are limited to the Xbox platform.

Sony has partnered with Activision during the last period to support PS5 with the studio’s game titles, and leaks have confirmed that the agreement is still valid so far, but expectations indicate that Microsoft will get exclusive titles with the acquisition, which amounts to $70 billion.


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