Samsung confirms hacking of the main source of data for Galaxy phones

The Korean giant has officially confirmed the hack of the main source of Galaxy phones operating data.

Recent reports indicated that Samsung data leaked with a capacity of up to 200 GB, and today Samsung officially confirms the leaks of data from the main source of programming instructions for Galaxy phones.

Reports confirm that the group that hacked Nvidia in the past is the same group that recently hacked Samsung’s data.

The leaked data includes biometric registration data on Galaxy phones, and device operation data, and Samsung has confirmed in official statements that the hacked data does not include confidential data of users or employees in Galaxy devices.

On the other hand, Samsung did not confirm or deny any details of the hacker group, and Samsung also made it clear that the data that was leaked is internal data of the company.

It is reported that a group of hackers known as “Lapsus$” blackmailed Nvidia to prevent the leakage of the company’s data on the Internet.


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