Ring introduces the new Glass Break sensor #CES2022

Ring today enhances the safety and security experience for homes with the new Glass Break sensor that will alert you if a glass is broken in your home in a room you are not in.

The sensor is compatible with both Ring Alarm and Alarm Pro, and measures 3.78 inches. And AI with the sensor will be able to tell the difference between a window being smashed and other noises that look a little bit similar.

And if the sensor detects a strange sound, you’ll receive a notification on the Ring app, allowing you to take additional actions. You can also change the settings to automatically trigger the siren via the Ring app on Android or iOS.

The Glass Break small circular sensor can be placed on any flat surface or mounted on a wall. The scanning range is about 25 feet, and the company hopes the sensor will be able to operate for three years on a single set of three AA batteries.

The Glass Break sensor is available for pre-order today, and ships on February 16th for $40.


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