Report confirms Samsung suffered a data breach of up to 190 GB

Samsung recently faced hacker attacks that leaked up to 190 GB of company data on the internet.

Recently, a group of hackers targeted NVIDIA, where the company’s ownership information was leaked, and again the hackers moved to target the Korean giant, and reports indicated that a group of hackers known as “Lapsus$” managed to leak the main source of Samsung data.

The report that came from “Bleeping Computer” also indicated that this group had already leaked a lot of Samsung data, as the “Lapsus$” group shared the company’s data in compressed files that were shared on the Internet, which reached a capacity of 190 GB.

The leaked data includes information about Samsung’s algorithm, confidential data about the company’s biometric registration operations, as well as the main source of company data for the premium versions of the new Galaxy series of phones, with confidential information about Qualcomm.

It is reported that Samsung has not officially confirmed the breach of the company’s data, but the “Korean Herald” confirmed that the Korean giant has already begun to work on assessing the damage.


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