Removing the charging unit from the content of the iPhone box supports Apple in saving 6.5 billion dollars

A new report revealed the results that Apple was able to achieve after its decision to remove the charging unit and EarPods headphones from the content of the iPhone box, which brought the company a savings in production costs of $6.5 billion.

Apple started a new strategy with the launch of the iPhone 12 series, as it confirmed its plans to remove the charging unit from the box’s content in order to preserve the environment and reduce electronic waste, in addition to supporting the company in shipping a larger number of units while reducing the size of the packaging box.

The iPhone 12 series was the first to feature 5G technology, so some reports indicated that Apple removed the charging unit to reduce production costs with the addition of a 5G modem chip for these versions.

Also, a report published in the “Daily Mail” newspaper indicated that Apple was able to save 5 billion pounds by removing the charger and EarPods from the packaging box for iPhone phones, equivalent to 6.5 billion dollars.

With the removal of the charging unit and headphones, however, Apple did not intend to lower the pricing level for the new versions of the iPhone, and some users also tended to purchase the 20W charging adapter at a price of $19 independently, and EarPods also at a price of $19, while some chose AirPods at a price of $129 or higher.

It is noteworthy that Apple’s provision of $6.5 billion supports an increase in the company’s final profits from sales of iPhone phones, and also supports an increase in the value of the stock in Apple.


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