Profit from our site

What service does our website provide?

  • Absolutely unlimited posts.
  • Only publishers can profit from our site.
  • Earn money by publishing articles, videos, or news about cell phones.

Rewards system

  • At first, you can use our site to make money by writing articles or sharing videos, and the profits will be calculated for you when people visit your articles.
  • We'll pay you$2 for every 1,000 unique people who visit your articles.
  • We count only unique and legitimate visits, and any exploitative method will close your account without prior notice. We only count one visit per ip per day.

Please read the conditions of the bonus system first and kindly know that if it is violated, the account will be closed without prior consideration.

Rules Conditions

  • We will immediately block any user who tries to offend our blog without prior notice.
  • You must log in to post and earn money.
  • We do not allow uploading of files to our server, only images allowed.
  • Use an external file sharing server to upload your files and only share the files link on
  • Files uploaded to our server or re-uploaded to an external server will be deleted by admin without prior notice or notice.
  • Your posts must respect our terms of service and respect copyright.
  • You will be excluded and banned if you attempt to tamper with the results (the spam method).
  • We count every successful post view 100%.
  • Don't click to view your own posts or ask someone to do so.
  • DMCA files: If your post is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the post, your post will be permanently deleted from our blog.
  • DMCA files: If your post is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the post, your file will be permanently deleted from our blog but the revenue collected will not be affected.
  • All paymetns will be stopped immediately if our google adsene account stops. We cannot send any payments to any user who has requested money or has money in their account. By using, you agree to the terms and policies of the site.
  • No copyrighted material or adult material is allowed on

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