OnePlus working on Nord wireless earbuds and a phone codenamed Oscar

We recently heard about rumors that OnePlus is working on new wireless earbuds under the Nord brand, and now new images have surfaced that are said to be the ones.

Leaked sources say that these images are just prototype units of the headphones, presumably with changes en route to the final product.

Apparently, the Nord wireless headphones have a gold button, which means they don’t include touch controls. Or maybe the touch control surface has a gold accent. Otherwise, it comes in black and has a very short shank.

The Nord headphones should officially arrive sometime later this year, and there are no further details about the headphones yet.

On the other hand, the company is rumored to be working on a new phone that will be part of the main numbered lineup. This phone is codenamed Oscar, and that’s all we know about it so far. It is claimed that it will appear for the first time in the second quarter, i.e. between the months of April and June.

But this phone is likely to be the OnePlus 10, given that the OnePlus 10 Pro was launched in China without any standard release for it.


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