Nvidia announces a new version of the RTX 3080 graphics card with 12 GB RAM

Today, Nvidia officially announced its new release of the RTX 3080 graphics card, which supports 12 GB of RAM, at a price of $ 1250.

Today, NVIDIA introduced the latest version of its GeForce graphics card series, which goes on sale today to a number of Nvidia partners.

The new version of the RTX 3080 graphics card comes with a higher memory than the original version with a capacity of 2 GB RAM, where the main version came with 10 GB RAM.

The memory capacity in the new version is compatible with the previous graphics card from the company, the RTX 3080 Ti, which is one of the features required in the graphics card.

The new version also includes 8960 CUDA cores, an increase of 3% from the original version, and the upgrade in the memory of this version enhances the operating frequency of the graphics card by 20%.

On the other hand, the graphics card supports power connectors with a capacity of 750W, an increase in power capacity of 30W, and an increase of 350W over the original version.

The new graphics card, RTX 3080, comes after Nvidia recently announced the RTX 3090 Ti, which came with faster memory and higher frequency, and also introduced the RTX 3050, which was launched at $ 249, which supports DLSS technology and ray tracing with this low price.


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