New patents reveal that Apple glasses can also correct vision

The upcoming Apple Glass is likely to be used by people who need to correct their vision, with lenses that adapt to correct the wearer’s vision. According to a new patent granted to Apple on Thursday, new Apple glasses may contain a lens system that adjusts to suit the user’s eyesight.

The patent in question is titled “Adjustable and Persistent Lens Systems” and describes an intelligent system of lenses that can be manipulated to function as eyeglasses.

The difference is that the system adjusts the position of the lenses automatically, and anyone (with or without eyeglasses) can use them without any problems.

This can be achieved using a package of liquid crystal lenses, as the liquid substance inside can change its optical properties when a current passes through them.

Apple says in patent documents that such a system could also help people with various visual problems, such as presbyopia.

The smart system will be able to overcome a major obstacle that lies in front of smart glasses technology; Namely, users who wear normal prescription glasses. Wearing smart glasses over eyeglasses is extremely inconvenient, and manufacturers will usually have to offer different models with different standards to suit each user.

However, keep in mind that Apple (and all the other big companies) file hundreds of patents each year, and seeing this great feature on paper doesn’t mean the actual product will actually be available.


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