Nest Cam and Doorbell batteries will not charge in freezing weather

After months of reports, Google confirmed that the batteries of the Nest Doorbell and Cam devices will not charge when exposed to extreme cold weather. “The lithium-ion battery in Google Nest cameras or doorbells will not be able to charge in freezing conditions,” the company said in a recently published document.

According to Google, the battery versions of the Nest Doorbell and Cam can operate in temperatures as low as minus four degrees Fahrenheit (minus 20 degrees Celsius), provided the battery has remaining power. However, these cells will not charge at temperatures below freezing.

Moreover, Google warns that it may drain more quickly in cold weather, with battery life potentially halving as devices approach their operating limit.

The company suggests that users bring a doorbell or camera indoors in these situations. According to Google, the hotter the battery, the faster it charges. You can search the Home app to see if you should take your devices indoors, as the program will display a notification that says “Charging is paused” or “Charging is slow” with an estimated charging time, when cold weather takes its toll.


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