Mac Studio disassembly reveals the possibility of upgrading SSD storage

According to a breakdown by Max Tech’s YouTube channel, Mac Studio’s SSD storage is not soldered in place and can be upgraded.

In a detailed video of the new ‌Mac Studio‌, Max Tech revealed that the Mac Studio‌’s SSD storage falls into two slots, and it’s relatively easy to remove or replace because it’s seamless. Individual SSDs can be swapped between the two slots, and they appear to be modular.

Apple claims on its website that Mac Studio’s SSD storage is not user-accessible, and encourages users to configure the device with sufficient storage capacity upon purchase. This is most likely due to the difficulty of accessing the internal parts of Mac Studio from the outside.

The rubber ring on the base of the device must be removed to reveal the four screws that open the device, but once in, it’s easy to access and remove the SSD storage.

Max Tech suggested that Apple could offer SSD storage upgrades at a later date, similar to how it offered a batch for a Mac Pro storage upgrade in mid-2020. But Easy Access could be intended for use on repairs only, allowing repair technicians to do just that. .


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