LG introduces new transparent OLED screens before CES 2022

LG Display announced that it will showcase new transparent OLED screens; OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window during CES 2022. The company will showcase consumer experiences and the values ​​that displays will bring to ordinary everyday spaces such as commercial facilities, offices, homes and more.

The “OLED Shelf” combines two transparent OLED screens, one on top of the other, that hang from the wall and blend seamlessly with any living room décor. This can display TV shows or gallery panels while in Always View Mode.

As for the “Shopping Managing Showcase”, it is a transparent OLED screen installed inside a wooden display stand, which promises the best shopping experience in luxury stores. It can display eye-catching on-screen visual content that coordinates with the products displayed on the back to better capture the attention of shoppers.

While “Show Window” contains four 55-inch transparent OLED screens to increase the advertising capabilities of window screens by offering a more unique and informative shopping experience.

LG will also introduce a “Smart Window”, which is specially designed for future offices. This transparent OLED technology is used in conference room windows, and can help professional teams increase their productivity by switching to an expanded screen for video conferencing, presentations and entertainment without compromising the open view of an ordinary glass window.


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