Japanese company Bauhutte develops hand massager to support players

The Japanese company Bauhutte has developed the MSG-01H-BK hand massager which aims to support gamers after long gaming sessions.

Competing in games can cause you to spend a lot of hours on gaming consoles, which often tires a player’s hand or fingers, so Bauhutte has developed a device that supports a player’s hand warming or blood circulation.

The MSG-01H-BK supports gamer users with 15 layers of air cushions to support each finger, with shiatsu plates to support the palm, so the user will have two modes of finger massage or full hand massage.

The user will also have some settings in the device that will support hand warming, and improve blood circulation after long gaming sessions.

The device is scheduled to stop working automatically after a 10-minute massage session, and Bauhutte indicates that the device can provide support for users before games to warm the hand, and also after competitions for the palm of the hand, and the device is scheduled to be available in Japan now at a price of $ 150 .


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