Instagram is working on five new features

It seems that the Instagram platform is working on some new features, rumored to be five of them, a feature that allows you to share Reels clips on the Facebook application directly.

There will be a “Share on Facebook” option within the Reels clips sharing menu, allowing you to share the Reel directly on the Facebook platform without the need for additional steps.

Currently, if the user wants to share the Reel clip on Facebook, he has to enable the “Suggest on Facebook” option, then he will have to choose “Play the Reel clip”, after that the user has to go back and try to share the Reel on Facebook.

Furthermore, Instagram wants to make its platform as easy to use as possible, and is now improving its guidelines for editing Stories and Reels.

Among other features, the platform is adding a new button alongside the “accept” and “decline” buttons when a user receives a video or voice call. The task of this button is to leave a message if the user does not want to answer the call at that moment, when you click on this button, some default responses will appear along with the option to send a custom reply message.

There is also another feature that allows Instagram Business users to receive voice calls without a visible phone number.

Currently, if a Business user wants someone to reach them through voice calls on Instagram, they will have to reveal their phone number. But now these users may be accessed without seeing their numbers.

Finally, the platform is preparing to provide a feature that allows sharing of live videos via Story or outside Instagram.

Two new options for sharing live video will be provided: “Share in Story” or “Share externally.” And the option to share externally may allow you to share the live video outside Instagram, but at the moment there is no information on exactly how this feature works.

However, these features have not been confirmed by the platform itself.


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