Instagram increases the minimum daily time to 30 minutes

A new report has revealed that Instagram has increased the minimum set daily time to 30 minutes. Before, people could only set 10 or 15 minutes of browsing on Instagram.

But now, unless you set a separate timer, you might get lost in the app for at least 30 minutes a day. TechCrunch notes that this change may be due to more people seeing more ads.

However, Meta has not released a clarification statement as to why the time limit for staying within the Instagram app has changed.

It is worth noting that the Instagram application introduced the option to set daily time limits for it in 2018, and company representatives said at the time that they wanted users to spend reasonable time on the application.

If you want to enable this, go to Settings > Account > Your Activity to see approximately how many hours you spend using the app.

Users can schedule reminders to take a break at specified intervals or log off after a specified period of time. It’s possible to keep a current 30-minute time limit, and according to screenshots shared by TechCrunch, it’s easy for anyone to be fooled into adjusting their daily limit even higher.


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