How to start trading forex?

So you want to become a Forex trader? – Run your own business, trade currencies, earn a lot of money. The first question that comes to mind is “Where do I start?” We prepared for you a simple answer! Below you’ll find a few steps to help you take the shortest path to your financial independence. Please note that each step includes a link that includes a full explanation of what you should be

Register an account with FBS

In this step you open a trading account and receive your trading password. You will also have a personal page, from which you can deposit the money you need for trading.

Download the trading software

Choose the software that suits you best, download it and log in. With this, you have become connected to the Forex market!

Explore the basics of forex

What exactly is trading? What currencies can you trade? When can you trade? We prepared a number of short videos for you to answer your questions.

Open your first trade

Take your first step in the world of trading! Learn for yourself the ease of opening and closing a deal in Forex.

Learn more about MetaTrader

At this stage, we advise you to get acquainted with the trading platform in detail and study all its important characteristics.

Learn how to analyze the market

After you know how to open trades, you need to decide which deals to make – buy or sell. To that end, learn how to “read” price charts and understand economic news and releases

Start managing risks

Learn from the start how to limit your exposure to risks and maximize your potential profit.

If you follow these steps, you will get a great start in Forex trading. Your success depends primarily on your persistence and ambition. Learn, train and be a trader one best deal after another!

Ultimately, we are always available for any help or support. Participate in our regular webinars for free, and learn directly from the leading Forex professionals!

Employ your experiences

Although referring to foreign exchange trading, commodities are traded in the forex market. Usually, commodities are traded in USD when invested in equal currencies. You are trading all of these investment instruments in non-material ways. In addition to foreign currencies and commodities, so-called contracts for difference are traded in the Forex market.

Forex trading can be defined as buying one country’s currency and selling another country’s currency and making the selling price higher than buying. Although the definition includes currencies, commodities, stocks and stock indices are also among the tools of the forex market. With these investment tools, Forex trading is done 24 hours, 5 days a week, online.

If you want to evaluate your savings in the Forex market, you must learn the structure and operation of the market, familiarize yourself with investment tools and know how to conduct business transactions. You can get detailed information about Forex trading using the free lessons from FBS. At the same time you will have a good experience with demo accounts for virtual money, and you will get to know the market closely without risk.

How to trade currencies in global markets?
To be able to trade Forex, you must first know. You can get this information in a short time using exercises. After gaining knowledge and experience about Forex, you should choose a reliable broker.

You can contact FBS and make your investments through the trading platforms. You can easily buy and sell currencies and commodities that you will trade on your trading platform.

We briefly explain to you the ETFs:


The most suitable market for foreign exchange investors is the Forex market. You can invest 5/24 online in currencies of all countries of the world. You can achieve daily satisfaction by making buying and selling with immediate fluctuations. It is possible to trade currencies in immaterial ways equally.

The main part of investing transactions in the Forex market is the dollar trade. The EUR / USD trading volume formed by the dollar together with the Euro makes up 85% of foreign exchange transactions. You can also invest the dollar in Japanese Yen, British Pound and Swiss Franc. Euro trading constitutes other high volume foreign exchange trading transactions. Currency pairs are bought and sold from currencies such as the euro, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the British pound.

Thanks to the features of trading in the market, you can make more profitable investments in foreign exchange than other markets. You can also make money from currency that is depreciating with two-way transactions and make 100x profitable investments through leveraged transactions. You can reduce your risk with the help of an order and execute your transactions with minimal trading risk.

Trade commodities in the forex market

Commodities are not only a good alternative to the wallet but they are also on the agenda with today’s drops. Gold trading is losing popularity after the price drop. It also caused a decline in other commodities. The commodities group is experiencing sharp declines and investors are shying away from what they see as a reliable outlet. In Forex trading, you can also take advantage of commodity drop.

Traders who want to trade commodities can continue to win the Forex market in these days of dips. With the bi-directional trading feature, you can trade with commodities. When the prices go up, they trade in the direction of the buy, and when they go down, they trade in the direction of the sell and you make money from both positions. For example, oil trading, which has been declining for some time, continues to bring investors into the forex market through bidirectional transactions.

You can also benefit from trading in the forex market with lower priced commodities. With leverage ratios, you can increase your profit rate up to 100 times, for example you can make $ 5 profit and $ 500 profit. It is also possible to keep your risk to a minimum by using a stop loss / take profit order when taking advantage of.

Trade securities and stocks in the forex market
The stock market and stocks in the forex market

Shares in the forex market are traded in different ways and are more beneficial than the stock market. In addition, the stocks that you will invest in the Forex market are those of the famous global giants. By investing in the shares of these companies, you can conduct your transactions with easier market monitoring. You can easily invest in the forex market with stocks of well-known companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also use bidirectional transactions, leverage system, and risk reduction in trading stocks. Thanks to these features, you can perform stock trading more profitably and safely than the stock market. Stock index investing, which is defined as CFD investing, provides a very beneficial trading environment for investors in the forex market.

I encourage you to take advantage of the free training opportunities and learn about the market with demo accounts. One of the best opportunities in the Forex market are these trainings and anyone can benefit from them. Thanks to these training courses provided by FBS, you can trade like a professional investor in a short time.

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