How to earn from Adsense and accept the site

What is google adsense?

In the beginning, Google Adsense is an advertising company affiliated with Google that helps website owners earn money by placing ads on their site and helps advertisers to sell their services

How do I earn from Google Adsense

Profiting from Google Adsense is easy. You only need a website with useful content for visitors

How do I register in Google Adsense

First you go to this adsense link and click on create an account and put in the first box your website link and in the second box you will put your email in Google. Third, click on the word Save and continue to the next step. You will start completing the complete form, and Google Adsense will send you a verification code that you put on your site until the site is reviewed and you wait from 1 day 14 days

How do I get Google to accept my site

Make sure before submitting your site to Google that your site meets the following conditions

  1. Useful content for visitors.
  2. You must have pictures on your site.
  3. The site is not less than 15 articles.
  4. The site should be professionally designed.
  5. To be at least 18 years old.
  6. That your site has a domain of your own.

How do I receive money?

When using AdSense ads, you think about how I can receive money. It is easy. If you complete $ 100 in Adsense, you can receive the money only by adding your bank account. There was a withdrawal period ago through Western Union, but unfortunately it is no longer available. After setting up your bank account, profits will be sent to you on the 22nd of each month

What are the terms of Adsense

AdSense terms are very difficult and you cannot profit from your site if you are attracting visits from illegal sites and you cannot profit. If you force visitors to click on ads in exchange for a reward, you can read the full AdSense terms from click here

How do I create a site

It is very easy. You can create your site for free by using the Blogger site. You can create your site now by clicking here

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