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And from personal experience, I can assure you that Xiaomi has been making more than wonderful phones over the past decade, and it has the ability to provide many smart phones that suit all the needs of users of all categories and fit appropriately with their budgets.

I have one reservation about Xiaomi phones because of the MIUI interface, which can sometimes make you feel a bit complicated and not as fast and smooth as other interfaces, but to be honest and fair, the interface has improved a lot over the past two years.

Many of us now own phones, whether from Xiaomi or from the brands that operate under its banner, such as Poco phones, Redmi – Redmi, or the category of phones specifically designated for games, Black Shark.

It is known that Xiaomi phones have the ability to continue and work for many years, but like any phones from other manufacturers, they are not eligible to work for life, and it is very simply due to the low battery life over time and with frequent use.

This is unavoidable with any smartphone, as with each “0% to 100” charge cycle completed, battery life declines and its cells deteriorate and degrade from within.

There is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening, it is inevitable, but perhaps following the correct ways and methods in charging processes, relying on energy-saving modes and using certified chargers may relatively help extend their lifespan.

But in the end, after several years of use, you will notice for yourself that the battery life began to gradually decline, and after you were able to use the phone for two days, you will find yourself only able to use the phone for a day and a half or even for one day, even if you charge 100% for the phone.

What is the life span of the battery?

Some of you may be wondering what is the life of a battery, and to answer that question, Apple says that the life of the battery is calculated from 500 charge cycles, after which the battery will start to degrade.

Some Chinese companies, such as Xiaomi, say that the battery has a life span of 800 charge cycles, after which the battery loses 20% of its internal cells.

This does not mean that the maximum charge rate will stop at 80%, no not exactly, the charge percentage will normally reach 100%, but the idea is that the real capacity inside will not exceed 80%.

So the question arises now, especially since there is no official or direct way in Xiaomi phones that allows us to monitor the status of the battery, so what is the correct way to know the condition of the battery, the number of charging cycles and its remaining life in Xiaomi phones?

To answer this question, we will show you through the following explanation how you can verify all of this very easily.

How to check the battery status in Xiaomi phones:-

Xiaomi Battery Info

Important note: The language of the phone must be converted to English in order to display all the results accurately, otherwise you will not see the battery information at all.

Now dial this code ##6485## Even before clicking on the connection icon, you will be taken directly to an internal factory settings window called “Battery Info” which will be exactly the same as the same window shown in front of you in the previous image. Now what codes should be addressed in this window?

  • MB_06 This code shows you the status of the battery and the result should be Good, but if it is Bad, it means bad, which means that you have to change the battery
  • MB_00 This code shows you the current battery percentage – but note that it’s not the actual capacity you want to know
  • MF_02 This code shows you the number of completed charging cycles
  • MF_06 This code shows you the capacity of the battery that was left from the factory
AcuuBattery app

Now one question remains, what is the actual battery capacity now? As you can see for yourselves, we were not able through these codes or those codes to know the maximum current capacity of the battery that it is now, but we only knew the capacity that came out of the factory. Just a guess, it is possible that the code MB_03 is the code that shows the actual current capacity of the battery, but in order to be sure of this you will first need to fully charge the phone and compare the result shown in front of this code with the factory capacity of the battery and see for yourself whether this is the approximate current capacity or not.

But in any case, in order to be able to know the real capacity of the battery, not only for Xiaomi phones, but for any Android phone, you will need to download an application AccuBattery From the Google Play Store. And charge your phone until it reaches 100%, then open the application and click from the bottom on the Health icon, and you will get from this list the current real capacity of your phone battery in front of Estimated Capacity It will compare it to you with the capacity that the battery came out of the factory in front of Design Capacity.

For example, if you look at the previous picture, you will notice that the factory capacity of the battery for the phone in the picture is 5020 milliampere-hours. While the current capacity of the battery has become 4677 Milliampere-hour or equivalent 93% Percentage. In other words, you lost the battery 7% almost from its inner cells. If you do not see the results accurately, you will need to use this application for several days and you will get them very accurately.

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