Google brings Chrome OS Flex to support PCs and Macs

The search giant has developed a new version of the Chrome OS operating system aimed at educational institutions and companies known as Chrome OS Flex, which is scheduled to support PCs and older versions of Mac computers.

Google confirmed that the Chrome OS Flex version of the Google operating system supports installation on devices within minutes, and the company explained that this version provides a user experience that mimics the Chrome OS system on Chromebooks.

The Flex version is also based on the same software rules that are characteristic of the operating system, but the features of this version are based on the category of the device used with the system.

It is noteworthy that Google previously provided the Chrome payment experience on other devices in addition to the devices that come with the system pre-installed, and Google recently acquired the CloudReady application that supports the user in converting devices to Chrome operating systems, and Google has already begun to integrate the advantages of the application in the version The company’s new Chrome OS.


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