Google begins development of new Chromecast with Google TV

The search giant has started working on a new version of Chromecast with Google TV, with the device set to be launched later this year.

Google offers limited versions of Chromecast, having released the previous version a few years ago in 1080p.

9to5Google has confirmed that Google has already started developing a new version of Chromecast with the Google TV, and the new version has been spotted with the “Boreal” code, to be officially launched in 2022.

On the other hand, the source of the leaks did not provide details of the specifications of the upcoming version of Chromecast, and XDA developers have indicated that Android TV will require support for the AV1 format in video content after March 31, which is one of the features that are absent from the current version of Chromecast.

It is also expected that Google will work in the next version to address the common storage problem in previous versions.


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