Disabling these features in iOS supports a longer battery life for iPhone phones!

A new report revealed some of the features that can be disabled in the iOS platform to support users with a longer life in the iPhone battery.

Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series with improvements in battery life, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max came in particular with a good battery life with support for a 120Hz refresh rate and also support for 5G networks.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max also came with a 4352 mAh battery, which is the largest battery capacity offered in iPhone phones so far.

To improve battery life in iPhone phones in general, a report published via “kadama” revealed some steps that can be taken to increase battery life in the iPhone.

The process of saving battery capacity is implemented by disabling some features that consume battery charge on the back screen of the iPhone.

The features can be disabled by going to the settings, including choosing General and then choosing the automatic updates tab for applications, where this feature can be deactivated.

It also goes to settings, including choosing the battery, and then to Battery Health, where you can choose to improve battery life, as these steps can improve battery life for a longer period.


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