Best Enterprise Account Management Program in the Arab World – Review Plus

When you go haphazardly without an organized set of tools to help you manage your money, the potential for wasted resources is incredibly high. It’s all about efficiency and maximizing your potential.

Well, depending on the program you choose, you may or may not find it difficult to get used to. Some accounting software is very simple, and serves those who do not have much knowledge or desire to learn. Others are very comprehensive and cover almost every aspect in one cloud-based area.

In terms of picking the best software, there aren’t many options. In short, there is only one program which is Dafara, the only integrated portal that can efficiently and accurately manage the accounts of all institutions of all kinds.

Here is a comprehensive overview and explanation of the most prominent programs offered by Dattarah:

Saudi Electronic Invoice Program:

notebook program
notebook program

The bookstore site can issue Saudi electronic bills Standards that are compatible with the General Authority for Zakat. In addition to issuing it in VAT-compliant formats, in addition to the general information that is requested, such as the tax number of the customer and all the tax information of your business.


Include all the necessary data that you need to have on your invoice such as the non-duplicate serial number, the tax number of the organization or customer and a description of all the goods or services that you can provide to your customers.

Accounting software:

accounting software
accounting software

You don’t need to be an accounting major in order for your general accounts to be managed, Period can do this and record every transaction on your account in an automated and seamless manner and also you have the option to enter it manually. Cost centers will also be managed in your organization with professional organization.

A notebook will also calculate the percentage of losses and profits and help you make the necessary decisions in order to define your goals accurately. You can also accurately calculate the taxes applicable to your business, record all daily and monthly expenses and revenues, convert them into vouchers, besides being able to include documents and all the necessary documents when needed.

Sales program:

sales program
sales program

You will be able to simplify comprehensive management on all sales details by issuing all sales invoices and periodic invoices as well that include tax and will also include all other important details such as shipping, discounts and insurance percentage and a ledger will also calculate it accurately and the ability to create professional price offers and discounts and then Convert it to an invoice by just one click.

Inventory management software:

inventory management software
inventory management software

Do you want to organize the movement of products in your warehouse? Period can certainly do this by managing inventory, adding an endless number of miscellaneous services and products, tracking them and adding them in price lists as needed by your business.

Period can also alert you with notifications when the stock of your product has reached a certain limit or when it is close to being out of stock. There is an option to do an inventory as well in addition to specifying the powers of all those responsible for managing the warehouse.

Human Resource Management Program:

human resource management program
human resource management program

A ledger will enable you to smoothly manage employee attendance and leave records, or enter them daily and even provide the opportunity for employees to record their attendance and leave on their own, but with certain controls and conditions, as well as tracking the balance of the deducted and remaining vacations for each employee and calculating the daily and monthly working hours for each of them, as well as monitoring the duration The delay time and the possibility of setting different work shifts per day.

In addition to managing the salary system for the staff and the possibility of drafting work contracts for them. All this is done through an easy and simple user interface that supports the Arabic language with all fluency.

What distinguishes the notebook program:

Simple data entry – usually fast, straightforward and only one time required

Fast processes and zero delays, eg between sales and invoices Low to zero delays

Automate reports and analytics – for example on profit and loss, debits and credits, customer accounts, inventory accounts, sales, forecasting, etc.

Automation of tasks – for example, salary calculating, issuing statements, calculating VAT, etc.

Minimize errors – such as switching numbers, incorrect or incomplete registration of transactions, etc.

Integration with other systems, such as online banking and electronic deposit

Why should you use a notebook?

Using bookkeeping software for accounting can help you save time and money, as well as provide you with insight into your business. If you choose the plan carefully, investing in a ledger accounting system may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business that you will feel immediately positively impacted.

Most business owners are not accountants or learners of that field, and find it difficult to do most accounting tasks. This is where a notebook program gives benefits to the business owner. A variety of irreplaceable accounting features. Business owners cannot find another option that is as easy to install, learn and use as simply this software. Once you have chosen the right package and entered all the necessary data, the business owner only needs to update the information as it comes in.

Hiring an internal accountant or outsourcing the work to either an accountant or accounting firm can be costly. The owner does not need to pay anything other than just buying and setting up the software and here he will have a completely complete accounting system.

Another advantage of the cloud accounting notebook software is that you can upload data and access it from anywhere in the world, anytime you want. This, again, means a more streamlined use process.

This also means that your accountant also has constant access to data, which means they can be more active in analyzing your financial situation and providing invaluable advice in a timely manner – no matter if your accountant is in the office, at home, or on a trip around the world.

With a cloud accounting ledger, there is only one version of the data, which means that the accuracy is greater. There is less chance of error information when it does not need to be transferred from one end to the other in different formats. Higher accuracy means fewer errors, which can translate into big savings and less aggravation, especially around tax time.

Due to the fact that the program is connected to the Internet, as with all data, you can interact with your accountant in real time. With traditional software, you have to submit the file and then wait for your accountant to keep abreast of what’s going on. But with a ledger, the accountant can always access the data, providing a more efficient experience.

Program services:

The ledger is suitable for almost all types of businesses, and is customizable and customizable to fit and integrate perfectly with your company, organization or industry, from the simple math work such as creating invoices to all the complex accounting services with everything that every business organization needs Such as the ability to fully and comprehensively manage inventory and customers, as well as the ability to manage the movement of work within the organization by building custom applications.

The human aspect is also important for sure, which is what appears here, where a ledger program can perform an accurate calculation for the wages and salaries of workers and employees, all in one automated and interconnected system only in order to save time and effort and at the same time reduce costs and contribute to increasing profits.

The program is compatible with the tax rules and settings of all Arab and foreign countries, where the prescribed percentage is applied without any error at all.

Billing website:

There is also a separate tool from the site which is Bills Which allows you to choose the appropriate billing system for your company or organization, then add the product or service that is displayed on the invoice, specify all the price details, and then print and send it to the customer, as well as the ability to download it in PDF format.

There are a lot of ready-made forms that can be downloaded in different formats such as Word or Excel, is there a better digital billing system than that?

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