Apple confirms that there is no loophole in the 5G iPhone 13 that leads to the problem of no noise cancellation

Apple clarified in recently published details that the 5G iPhone 13 software update does not include any loophole that causes the phone to not cancel noise.

Many iPhone 13 users have registered complaints over the past month about a problem with the new software update, as the iPhone 13 series does not support canceling ambient noise in phone calls.

The iPhone 12 series has supported the feature of canceling ambient noise through the settings and from there to the Accessibility tab, then the Audio and Visual tab, where you can choose to activate or disable the noise cancellation feature, but this choice is not available on iPhone 13.

Apple confirms that the disappearance of the noise cancellation option in the iPhone 13 series is not a flaw in iOS 15 software, but Apple is working to fix the problem.

On the other hand, leaks from 9to5Mac indicated that the noise cancellation feature was not provided by Apple from the beginning in a series, but the leaks did not explain the reason for blocking this feature in the iPhone 13 series.


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