Android 13 Developer Edition comes with Hub Mode for tablets

Spotting the developer beta version of Android 13, which comes with a new “Hub Mode” targeting tablets.

Google is preparing to launch the first beta version of Android 13 next month for user preview, which is earlier than expected according to Google’s schedule to launch the update for the system last year.

Expectations indicate that the “Hub Mode” that was monitored in the beta version of the Android 13 update will support the participation of family members in the tablet, and Android 13 offers users the advantage of controlling the brightness of smart phone lights with higher accuracy, with audio support via Bluetooth LE.

It is scheduled that Android 13 will support the use of Bluetooth headphones without draining the battery, and the operating system also comes with a new tool known as “photo picker”, a tool that supports the selection of media files with safe standards without the need to give applications access permissions.

Hub Mode can also support users to share apps through personal profiles, so the tablet will have more than one profile for family members.


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