Amazfit brand succeeds in outperforming Huawei in global markets

The latest reports revealed the superiority of the Amazfit brand in the smart watch market over the versions of the Chinese giant Huawei, after Amazfit succeeded in occupying the third place in the global markets.

In the third quarter of this year, Amazfit managed to record the highest sales of smart watches, occupying the third place in the world.

The report, which came through “Counterpoint Research”, indicated that Amazfit recorded sales of 9.9 units of smart watches in the third quarter of 2021, i.e. the brand achieved a growth of 89% over the same quarter last year, bringing its market share in global markets to 5.8%.

On the other hand, the report confirmed that Amazfit versions of smart watches have achieved a rapid spread in global markets in the recent period, as the company’s sales in foreign markets increased to 61.8%.

The company also achieved an annual increase in sales of its versions of smart watches in the German market by 150%, while the company’s sales in the Turkish market increased by 324%.

The company’s versions of the GTR 2e and GTS 2e watches, as well as the T-Rex Pro, achieved a great spread in the European market, especially in the Italian, Spanish and German markets.


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