A Samsung patent reveals a device with a foldable and rotatable design as well

During the last period, the Korean giant registered a patent for a device that features a design that supports folding and also supports screen rotation.

Not all Samsung patents may pass into effect, but the Korean giant continues to develop hardware design to seek a new vision in the company’s hardware design.

A new patent file from Samsung reveals an unconventional design for the devices, as the new design combines a foldable and rotating screen.

Samsung has obtained the intellectual property rights for the patent with the number “WO2021251775” in WIPO in Korea, and the title of the patent file confirms that the design supports folding and sliding of the screen.

The device includes a side that features a sliding design, where the screen can be pulled out from one side of the device, and part of the screen frame appears as a handle that supports pulling the screen out.

Part of the screen can also be folded when needed, and despite the simple design of the device, it is difficult to implement on the ground, as the leaks indicated that the implementation of this design requires many mechanical settings.

The panel opposite the sliding screen comes with an integral design through a hinge to the bottom of the panel, and the hinge supports sliding inside and outside the device frame, so expectations indicate that the hinge features a flexible design to support the curvature and also adjust the screen angle.


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